Airline Catering

Sky-high temptations

There’s nothing ‘plane’ about our airline catering range!

The air travelling public appreciates really good inflight food. At altitude, tastebuds are less sensitive and flavour perception can drop by around 30 percent. Madhouse Bakehouse comes to the rescue with tantalising goodies that truly satisfy. Our airline clients require massive volumes of cookies, brownies and other wholesale bakery and patisserie foods. As highly experienced bulk food suppliers, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver.

Airline catering is understandably, a complex affair. Having served the needs of airline catering companies for many years now, Madhouse Bakehouse are well versed in the many elements that must be considered in order to be one of their preferred bulk food suppliers.

Food quality and safety are of paramount importance in airline catering services and we have that covered with our HACCP certified facility and lofty standards of quality control. Our use of fresh, all-natural, local ingredients and our all-Australian ownership and manufacturing ideally position us to cater to airlines that embrace ‘local’.

We also know that consistency is key. Every batch we produce is exactly the same so our clients are assured of consistent size, packaging, flavour and quality. All of our airline catering bulk food products meet stringent specifications so that our clients and the end consumer alike are 100% satisfied.

Innovation is another ingredient in our store cupboard. We rise to the challenge when asked to create unique cookies, brownies, cakes, slices, tarts and any other product. It’s our pleasure to work with clients to craft the perfect food item that will provide a memorable experience on board, and to deliver it with our customary high level of service excellence.

Madhouse Bakehouse is a leading wholesale bakery and wholesale patisserie. Our commitment to servicing our airline catering clients’ stringent requirements is key to our success and their customers’ happiness. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ask us about our wholesale cakes and slices, wholesale cookies, bulk mini cookies, wholesale brownies and any other individually portioned snack food. We can take your idea and bring it to life, starting at product and recipe development, right through to airline-appropriate packaging and storage.


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