• Gluten Free

Fancy Little Cakes – Friands Mixed Pack 6 Gluten Free


These fancy little cakes are friands taken to a whole other level and they are gluten free!

Blueberry -These golden brown almond friands contain plump blueberries. They’re drizzled with lemon icing and decorated with edible calendula and cornflowers.

Raspberry – Plump tart raspberries throughout, finished off with lemon icing topped with edible rose petals.

Rosewater & Pistachio – A taste of the exotic comes through in these golden brown friands. Light hints of rose water and almonds, with a chunk of turkish delight in the middle. They are a delicately finished off  with dried edible rose petals and crispy pistachio nuts.

Caramel & Pecan – The smooth sweetness of lush caramel buttercream topped with crunchy pecan piece. every mouthful is a celebration  of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy.

Chocolate – Soft, moist chocolate base friands topped with rich ganache and garnished with chocolate flakes and crunchy cocoa nibs.

Lemon & Almond – A zingy freshness of lemon and rich scent of almonds,  topped with lemon icing, flaked almonds and edible dried flowers.